BenecosNetball 2019 USE2


Benecos relaunch ‘Netballs for Clubs’ initiative.

This year benecos is again helping to support netball clubs across the whole of the UK. At benecos we are passionate about promoting an active lifestyle and healthy living and feel that our step to providing free netballs to clubs across the UK is a key move to help achieve the best in the sport throughout the country. We have 1,500 benecos netballs that we can’t wait to giveaway to netballs clubs up and down the country to get more people playing the sport leading up to the World Cup in Liverpool.



Benecos 'netballs for clubs' initiative is free to enter by any netball club in the United Kingdom. Yes, even if you have entered before! :) 



Please complete the below form and submit to register for free benecos netballs for your club. Benecos will contact you in due course.


BONUS: Each despatch will include a small selection of free benecos products for members to try. 

Netballs for Clubs

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